Dental Insurance 101

Many dentists own or operate their own private practices. This makes you not only an important service provider of oral health, but it also makes you the CEO of your company. You provide an essential health care service, but your practice is still a business, and you will need to make a profit.

Here at Dental Insurance Credentialing, our goal is to help you understand the way that insurance companies operate, and how you can best negotiate fees in order to make sure that your dental business stays successful and profitable.

What Are The Steps Of Dental Credentialing?

Step 1) Decide which insurance companies you wish to enroll with

A good way to decide which insurance companies to go with begins with a little research. What are your competitors providing? We do the research and will assist you in selecting the plans that make most sense for your area. In most cases, it is great to simply start with the major insurance providers in your area. If you’re not sure what insurance companies those are, we help provide this for you.

Step 2) Contact insurance companies to request a provider application

This is much more complicated than it should be. Finding the right person to talk to, what time a call should be made, where to send an email, and so on can become overwhelming. It's okay; we've got you covered. We've been doing insurance credentialing for some time and we have relationships with many different insurance providers.

Step 3) Negotiate fees

This step in the process is where we excel. Our expert credentialing consultants will negotiate fees on your behalf. This process can be time-consuming and overwhelming, but it is a process we are passionate about.

Step 4) Complete and submit the provider application

Once we receive the enrollment application, we take the time to fill it out for you. All you do is complete the first form we send to you. Once the forms are completed, we send them back to the insurance providers for approval.

Step 5) Follow up on any issues

If any issues arise during the application process, we will mediate and take care of them for you.

Step 6) Acceptance Letter

The process is complete and you receive an acceptance letter.

Question & Answers

  • How do I get started?
  • How long does credentialing take?
  • Will my In-network status follow me if I move?
  • Am I able to use a seller's information to bill after closing?
  • How do I manage to bill out-of-network with some insurance plans the day I close on my new practice?
  • Is it true that big group practices and corporations have more leverage in negotiating fees?
  • Can I be in-network at one location and out of network at another location?
  • Can I be out of network and my associate be in-network?
  • Why shouldn’t I do my own credentialing?
  • Will I be notified of any issues in the insurance credentialing process?

Find the answers here.


Why Choose Us?

We want to make the complicated process of insurance credentialing as easy for you as possible! We can help you acquire expert advice on insurance plans so you can start your new business opportunity with a higher reimbursement from insurance companies!

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